• Tired of communication gaps?
  • Fearful of unclear, inconsistent information and unsafe measurement?
  • Worn out by high nurse-to-patient ratio?
  • Close to being retired but would like to work part-time in a way that makes sense?

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Join our team of highly experienced
nursing professionals.

Find out how you can:

  • Provide patients with the best quality of life in a close-communication home environment.
  • Work in a well-supported team with a flexible schedule.
  • Be promoted and compensated at the highest level personally, professionally, and financially.


Sarah R.

“Simply insightful, unique, winsome and inspiring team members who serve as powerful examples of professionalism and quality care.”

Lisa S.

“This team supports each other with respect, autonomy and freedom of our hearts’ desire. I am so inspired by my teammates’ compassion, practical intelligence and their nursing experiences!”

Lily C.

“Valuable conversations from our highly-experienced teammates who are full of real-life experiences, conversation openers, success wisdom, creative ideas and encouraging stories, which has really changed how we view nurses and nursing!”

Kandis M.

Curated team opens new doors with exciting opportunities and actionable steps, as well as inspires each to achieve our highest and best. It’s a treasure for our nurse care provider trying to make sense of the ways to personal, professional and financial success